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Mr. Roger's Dryer Vent Experts have been keeping Florida homes, apartments and businesses safe from dryer fires by cleaning our customer's dryer vents annually and we go one step further by cleaning and inspecting your dryer both inside and out. For a very affordable $69, we'll send our certified appliance repair technician to your home and provide our dryer vent cleaning service which will reduce allergens, prevent dryer fires, reduce energy costs while extending the life of your dryer. If you are concerned with energy savings, having your dryer vents cleaned is one way to reduce your costs. Less drying time equals more energy savings!

Free Washer and Dryer Inspection with Our Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

Our affordable dryer vent cleaning service includes a thorough dryer duct cleaning but also includes cleaning the inside and outside of your dryer, not just your dryer ducts PLUS we provide a full inspection of your dryer and your washing machine.

Dryer Vent Cleaning FAQs

  • Cleaning your dryer and your dryer ducts will reduce the risk of dryer fires
  • Maintain and prolong the life of your dryer begins with preventative maintenance and regular cleaning
  • Reduce allergens in your home and on your clothes by reducing lint and dirt build-up
  • Reduce electric costs by reducing drying time.  A lint and dirt free dryer and ducts will save energy.

    Our dryer vent cleaning service areas include: Riverview, Brandon, Valrico, Dover, Lithia, Plant City, Lakeland and Tampa Bay. Click here to find your service area or call (813) 870-0770 today!
  • Riverview Dryer Vent Cleaning br /> Save Your Home
    Save Energy
    Reduce Lint/Dirt

    Riverview dryer Vent Cleaning services
    • Saving your home from a dangerous dryer fire, while reducing drying time are just a few reasons to have your dryer ducts cleaned. A clogged dryer vent can cause a variety of problems including the risk of fire.

    • Calculate your energy savings with each load of clothes you dry with this simple guide.

    • Consumerreports.org Recommends Regular Dryer Vent Cleaning
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      How The Dryer Vent Experts Differ From Other Dryer Vent Cleaning Companies in Riverview, Florida
      • The Dryer Vent Experts are fully trained, fully insured and bonded appliance repair technicians.
      • Our Riverview dryer vent cleaning service includes a full cleaning of your dryer vents/ ducts but includes cleaning the inside and outside of your dryer.
      • An inspection of your dryer and your washer is included in our dryer vent cleaning service.
      • Our dryer vent cleaning staff is prompt, courteous and friendly.
      • We are a family owned appliance repair company with an excellent reputation.

      • If you live in Riverview or surrounding areas, try our Dryer Vent Cleaning Servicesdryer vent cleaning riverview

        Commercial and residential dryer vent cleaning services. Renters, homeowners and property management companies Brandon, Valrico, Plant City, Riverview and Lakeland.
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